Q.C. Testing, Inc.
2550 West 500 North
Vernal, UT 84078
Phone 435-789-0220
Fax 435-781-1876

Q.C. Testing, Inc. provides material testing and quality control for construction jobs throughout the Intermountain West.
We are one of the dedicated few companies which hold N.I.C.E.T., A.A.S.H.T.O., A.C.I., U.D.O.T. and W.Y.D.O.T. certifications.
Certified personnel along with state of the art equipment provide fast on-site testing.
Founded in 1991 by 40-year veteran, Robert Dunsmore, Q.C. Testing provides highway, airport, dam, building and related construction material testing and construction control.
For your testing needs, Q.C. Testing, Inc. can make your job complete.

Our state of the art equipment ensures an accurate test of your concrete,
soil or asphalt

Q.C. Testing, Inc. is a full service lab providing aggregate tests, asphalt mix designs, superpave, concrete testing, in-place material testing, and native asphalt mix designs.
Along with our testing and design ability, we provide a full range of construction inspection, construction management, quality control, and quality assurance.
Don’t allow your next project to fall short due to inaccurate, slow, or over budget testing, inspection, or quality control. Call Q.C. Testing, Inc. at 435-789-0220 and talk to one of our representatives.

QC Testing has the latest equipment for soil and asphalt density testing.

Make sure your contractor is using high grade materials, and proper concrete mixture proportions to ensure that your driveway, patio or other concrete projects will last.
QC Testing takes samples during the concrete pour, then runs those samples through a battery of tests, making sure you have a quality product in the end.

Q.C. Testing, Inc.’s personnel are proud to announce that they and their labs are presently A.A.S.H.T.O. D-3666 certified and certified to do Level-1 superpave projects. Q.C. Testing, Inc. is certified to do testing in the states of Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska. Our personnel are N.I.C.E.T., and Hazmat certified. Certifications as those mentioned above are a statement of Q.C. Testing, Inc.’s commitment to quality and full service capability.

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